EOFY 2021/ 2022

Spend your End of Financial Year budget wisely…

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, so your accountant may be asking you to spend your remaining budget on assets that will minimise your tax in this year's return. You've worked hard to earn that money, so don't waste it on something that quickly loses value. Instead, invest your money in long-term marketing strategies that will pay off over the next financial year.

Rewarding valuable customers and staff can go a long way towards retention and referral business. Hampers are great gift ideas, but once the contents are gone, so is the memory. Get more from your investment with Oz Wood's quality gifts made from Australian Jarrah - a durable and unique hardwood - that your clients will use again and again. Oz Wood offers laser engraving to personalise gifts and serve as a lasting reminder of your business.

So if you have some cash available in the budget, now is the time to spend it.